About Mary Ann

I am an author. I love to write! There is nothing more amazing than putting pen to paper! The human mind fascinates me, hence my interest in psychopaths, and their games. I have always found it intriguing that beneath the superficial level of society there exists this intertwining of emotions, and secrets, that one would never begin to imagine actually exists. People go about their day in the most ordinary way. Meanwhile, so much is going on, just beneath the surface, hidden away. It is the world of the psychopath. And so I set out to write this trilogy - shedding light on a world that co-exists with the one we see every day. It is the elusive world of psychopaths! More about me - I am a Vegetarian, and a member of The Innocence Project and The Forgiveness Project (more about this at my Linkedin site!). I never hold grudges, believing that true forgiveness is the energy that can bring forth world peace. I am a terrible cook, and the worst golfer ever to step onto the green. I am persistent and determined (in everything), and, above all else, really, above all of it, I am a writer. Please enjoy my work, and let me know your thoughts. Happy reading!!

Enter the world of Aaron Stein…

Welcome to this blog! Today marks it’s beginning! This blog is intended as a forum for discussion and exploration – on the issue of psychopaths – who they are, and how they play. In discussing, we can empower ourselves, and keep them at bay. This is a place to talk about it.

“He Counts Their Tears” by Mary Ann D’Alto (Dog Ear Publishing, 2015), available at Amazon.com is actually more than a novel – it is a blueprint outlining the psychopath’s game. Luisa, Marcia, Sarah, and Aaron’s other “soul mates” represent all women – those emotionally harmed by “the charming psychopath”, and those who have yet encountered him.

This blog is our place to come together, for Luisa, and Marcia, and Sarah, and all the others because, as Zelda said in my book, “It’s what women do. We’re strong for each other!”

Men, I must add, are most welcome to join us. You are not all evil. We, as women, know that. Please join us, and think of this as your place, too.

One caveat – discussion here does not take the place of medical or legal advice. Those requiring such assistance should most definitely turn to the proper professionals. This site is for discussion only.

The rules of usage are simple:

1. No judgment, ever. Judgement is different from having an opinion, which of course is always most welcome! But please refrain from passing judgement on your fellow bloggers!

2. Treat others the way you yourself would want to be treated.

3. Respect privacy -no last names.

4. No minors, please. If you are a minor and reading this, please turn to a parent or teacher for help. Be strong. You matter.

Please invite your friends to join us. The goal here is to create and foster an environment of mutual support and discussion. If we can all grow from our experiences, that would be great. Some laughter along the way way would be lovely.

And so, carry on. Remember to find joy in every moment.